About Dicing and Brunoise

Dicing is a bit of a generic term; in its finest or purest form, a dice is a perfect measured cube. But more often than not, a dice is a rougher-looking squarish thing which may or may not conform to the specifications laid forth in the video above. There are three different types of dice: large ¾-inch cube, medium ½-inch cube, and small ¼-inch cube. A brunoise (pr. brun-WAHZ) is a slightly smaller “dice,” and there are two types: brunoise, which are ⅛-inch cubes, and fine brunoise, which are 1/16-inch cubes. Another way to think of brunoise and fine brunoise is as julienne and fine julienne that have been diced to make cubes and little cubes. Cutting brunoise is a difficult thing to master. And for this reason it is used primarily as a garnish. A display of skill. The video above shows how to make it, or at least it tries.

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