Grilled Bacon

Chef's notes:

I have heard more than a few people scoff at the idea of grilling bacon, but what they fail to realize is that it is actually one of the best ways to cook it. That is, unless you like to save rendered bacon fat for cooking purposes. Mine is on the top shelf in my fridge and it works great as a frying medium. But back to the grilled bacon. As the bacon cooks on the grill, fat renders itself quickly from the bacon, and as a result, the bacon gets crispy quite quickly.


  • 8 strips of bacon

Strips of Thick Cut Bacon Grilled Crispy and Crunchy over a Propane Grill, or Charcoal if you Prefer

  1. Pick up your preferred bacon. A thicker bacon usually works better for grilling, but I don’t see why a thinner bacon wouldn’t also work. The bacon I chose for this article was made locally and was quite delicious. Homemade bacon can be really tasty.
  2. Grill the bacon over medium heat. I would use the gas grill for this since it only cooks for a couple minutes, unless you already have the charcoal grill fired up for something else. You will want a medium to medium-high heat for grilling the bacon.
  3. Flip the bacon over and cook the other side. Keep a close eye on the bacon as it grills. The potential for flare up with all that fat dripping is pretty good. Some of the bacon may be getting crispier than others. Move them around a little if hot spots develop.
  4. Grilled bacon is great for many things. The bacon is done once it’s a light brown and dark red color. It only needs to rest for a few seconds before you can use it to make whatever it is you are making. BLTs or club sandwiches are good.

Tips & Tricks

  • Buy a thick-cut bacon for the best results.
  • Watch out for hot spots and flare-ups as the bacon cooks and the fat drips and catches on fire.
  • Use a spatula or spring-loaded tongs to remove the bacon from the grill after it’s cooked.
  • Crispy bacon crumbles really easily and stores for several days in a zip-locking bag. Bacon crumbles are good on almost anything you can imagine.